McHenry “Mack” Wallace, P.E., has been a mechanical contractor, consulting engineer, and a registered engineer in Texas for over 30 years. Registered in over 40 states, Mack has been the engineer of record for many award-winning projects, including the Historic Preservation of the Texas State Capitol Building. He has also served on the review team for the energy efficient buildings research projects supported by the Energy Research in Applications Program for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Mack is heavily involved on the front lines of the energy conservation industry, having served the past 12 years on the ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Committee. He also serves as the liaison between the mechanical and building envelope subcommittees, working with both committees to develop whole-building approaches to energy savings and sustainable design.

Mack is a recognized leader in the energy field. His interest in energy began before he graduated from college, when he designed and installed a solar water heater on a structure near the University. This installation became the subject of an article in Houston Home and Garden Magazine; the first of many articles and papers he has authored. His building system designs were cutting new ground in energy efficiency as he began to work with Utilities on energy programs. He also worked on State buildings’ energy efficiency programs and utility demand-side management programs. His work includes modeling of facilities, identification of operational and equipment alternatives and life cycle costs covering payback, first cost and operating cost, and maintenance consideration on literally hundreds of facilities.

Mack has been a partner in mechanical contracting company, a small engineering firm, a large national design firm, the Director of Design Build Services for TXU Energy, and now is the owner-developer of WiseWatt.

Dr. Melanie Wallace, is an educator with over 30 years experience in the public schools. Teaching everything from early childhood special education through graduate university classes and serving as elementary school principal for ten years, Dr. Wallace has a firm understanding of school personnel and their needs.

Understanding the school environment and the needs of school personnel, Melanie brings a new perspective to the energy conservation industry. Her interest in the field is fueled by the knowledge that funds currently used for energy could be spent on school materials and personnel.

Melanie is an international presenter on topics focused on improving the learning experience for children and teachers. Most recently, she presented on the topic of Character Education at the ACEI conference in Moscow, Russia. She and husband, Mack have worked together on several articles and presentations focused on effective and efficient school environments. She believes that the synergy brought by the pair offers an opportunity to make a great difference in the education of students across the country.



Turning off lights at night can save an office building up to 50% on utility bills.




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