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Our current energy problem has caused us to take a hard look at the carbon cycle and how precious the rain forest and all plant life is to the sustainability of man. What took millions of years for nature to grow and store in the ground as fossil fuel, man has dug, pumped, and used up in the last century. This mining and drilling is a violent process that damages the earth. This scarce commodity, energy, has led to violence against man, as well. So, it is not a stretch to say that solving the energy problem can help to mediate man’s oldest problem, the need for war.

We must solve the current energy problem and, by having an abundant supply of affordable energy, we will solve many of man’s other major problems. By establishing affordable, renewable sources of energy, many of the problems facing us in the future can be alleviated. Fresh water can be made from sea water and food can be affordable for all. What we are sure of is that the new supply of energy cannot be carbon-based and must not adversely affect the earth and air.

You and I are not the scientists who will invent the solution to the energy problem. It will take some time to replace fossil fuels. What we can do in the meantime is to wisely use the energy that we have. WiseWatt can give you the information you need to eliminate wasteful energy use in your building. Additionally, WiseWatt is very cost effective. It requires no new equipment, only the utilities interval energy meter already installed in your building. It requires only a small amount of time from your staff. Additionally, WiseWatt is very inexpensive, with a monthly fee less than you spend on a cell phone.

WiseWatt is powerful. This program looks at your building’s energy performance at fifteen minute intervals, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. WiseWatt never goes on holiday and never takes a sick day. WiseWatt is intelligent. It knows how your energy loads operate, when your building is occupied, how the lights, weather, equipment, and HVAC systems interrelate to make up your actual energy use at the meter. It also makes use of years of diagnostic experience to not only show you where you are wasting energy, but to give you solutions that can be implemented at no or low cost.

Just one energy problem identified by WiseWatt and remedied by your staff can easily pay for years of the WiseWatt service. While helping to solve America’s short-term energy crisis, WiseWatt will also help you improve the comfort in your building, by optimizing your building’s operations and controls.

By recording your energy use every fifteen minutes, and simulating your operations, WiseWatt knows when a problem has been addressed and can see the savings at the meter.

Once your building operations have been optimized, studies have shown that savings start to disappear over time, but that the savings can be maintained if the operations are continuously monitored. WiseWatt is an inexpensive way to continuously monitor your building’s operation.

Mack Wallace, P.E.


Energy costs rose 31 percent from 2003 to 2005.




EIA Annual Energy Outlook for 2006


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