WiseWatt is dedicated to reducing the use of energy in existing built
environments. Through providing powerful diagnostic tools, WiseWatt
will allow building owners and operators to optimize building energy use.



Save Energy





WiseWatt is powerful program designed to


  • Continually monitor your building’s energy performance




  • Use extensive diagnostic information to show where energy is being wasted




  • Provide solutions that can be implemented at no or low cost

Save Money





Reduce energy costs today


  • No new equipment necessary




  • Requires a minimal amount of time from staff




  • Affordable solutions that will save thousands

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Wise Schools





The Wise Schools program is designed to train school district staff to take on a more active role in managing schools’ operation, saving thousands of dollars previously allocated to outside contractors


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Business & Residential Solutions





While helping to solve America’s short-term energy crisis, WiseWatt will also help you improve the comfort in your building by optimizing your building’s operations and controls.


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The average building uses 20% more energy than necessary.




American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, 2005 Study


How it Works



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