What is WiseWatt?

WiseWatt is a building simulation program which utilizes integral meter data and actual weather data to provide building owners with intelligent information about current building operation. WiseWatt then suggests remedies to improve building performance.

What can WiseWatt do for my business?

WiseWatt can reduce your business’s bottom line by decreasing the cost of energy used in your building, while improving the comfort of the building inhabitants.

How does it work?

You must provide WiseWatt with a minimum amount of information about your building and allow your energy provider to send WiseWatt flat files of your 15 minute interval use. From this information, WiseWatt generates your monthly report.

How much will it cost?

$35/month per meter.

What kind of reports will I receive?

You will receive a monthly report, via e-mail, breaking down your energy use per different loads in your building as a function of time. We will also provide possible opportunities for decreasing energy use for low- and no-cost operational changes.

How can I utilize those reports?

These reports can be used directly, to change operational procedures or control settings and as a tool over time to continually improve building operations.

How do I sign up?

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The average building uses 20% more energy than necessary.




American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, 2005 Study


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